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[There's a few strums of a bass guitar.]

You have just called Marceline, the Vampire Queen, lead singer and bassist of The Scream Queens, and Ooo's best rockstar. I hope you have a pretty good reason for bugging me or else you'll regret it.

[She gives her best evil laugh before promptly chilling out.]

I'm being pretty awesome somewhere else that isn't near my SFC, but leave a message and I'll decide if it's worth it or not to call you back.
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Prince Gumball
Her princess is in another bubble, leaving her with this loser

Half demons represent, yo.

A reminder that bullets hurt like a motherfucker.

The first of many slaves.

Harems and bunnies.

Kidnapping 101

No hetero bro

Simon replacement

The Grand Highblood
Your hair is now her throne.

Jade Harley
Her adorable kouhai

Vampire bitches get shit done

Just hiding under your bed and turning your ketchup white


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Just some stuff to put notes in for original songs that will be written at *some* point.

boop )
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Marceline will always open up with her own song Who's In Charge Here. She likes starting things off loud.

1. First Set
- Who's In Charge Here
- Saline the Salt Lake Queen by Rasputina
- Love is Dead by Kerli
- This Fire by Franz Ferdinand
- Trouble by Pink
- Poker Face by Blowsight
- Tell Me Where It Hurts by Halestorm
- That's okay by the Hush Sound

Read more... )

3. Third Set
- Who's In Charge Here
- Get Back by Laibach
- The Four Horsemen by Metallica
- War Pigs by Black Sabbath
- You've Got Another Thing Comin' by Judas Priest
- Raining Blood by Slayer
- Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden

4. Fourth Set
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☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : James
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] trilies
( Age ) : 20something
( Timezone ) : thing
( Other Characters ) :
Darkleer ( [personal profile] aim_exorable ) | Homestuck

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Marceline the Vampire Queen
( Character's Age ) : Over a millenia
( Series ) : Adventure Time
( Canon Point ) : Not too long after the episode "Simon and Marcy"
( Playability ) : pcho

( History ) :
I'm just your problem

( Personality ) :
When first introduced, Marceline seemed like yet another antagonist- wild and adventurous no doubt, but also finding no issue with kicking a kid and his talking dog out into the rain so she could chill in a pad that she hadn't been in for years. Some of her friends weren't exactly great, seeing no reason not to let Finn and Jake fall to their deaths when the two thought they could fly. As implied in the song of "Evicted", she's been alive so long that it's become somewhat difficult to remember what's right and what's wrong- what other people are okay with (and can survive) and that sometimes her wants don't always trump others.

However, since becoming Finn's friend, Marceline seems to have mellowed out at least a little. She is still something of a trickster, but they are rarely malicious and hardly ever do any real physical harm. Her sense of humor is, at worst, a little dark, such as when she pranked Finn in "Henchman" repeatedly by mentioning all the "horrible" things she planned on doing. (Like strangling pixies, although by that time he had figured it out.) She has also seemed to have grown closer to other beings that aren't just dead or demonic, and is letting herself open up a little. While initially she was a completely mystery, she's opened up to her friends about things in her past, such as her estrangement with her father and her childhood with Simon.

At her heart, she seems to be the complete rock and roll girl. She adores traveling and adventures. Being reckless doesn't seem to really bother her sometimes. It's hard to be worried when you're the Queen of Vampires with a ton of awesome powers, and who possibly can't die unless melted completely by the sun. When faced with the option of sitting around watching a movie (especially one that involves gratuitous amounts of romance and lip action) and running around with wolves, Marceline tends to favor the one that gets her adrenaline pumping, if adrenaline can even pump through an undead body.

This doesn't mean she's unemotional. It's quite the opposite. Marceline is filled to the explosive brim with emotions, but she seems to try her best to keep them swept under the rug where other people can't see them. She's come a long way, but she still prefers to act like the badass vampire queen she's know as. Her temper can't always be reined in, however. If things precious to her are messed with (like her Axe or Hambo when she had it), she can get extremely worked up.

Not only that, but she tends to take other people's opinions very seriously sometimes. In the comic, "Marceline and the Scream Queens", negative reviews about her band sent her into a heavy funk and haunted her until Princess Bubblegum was able to snap her out of it. Speaking of Princess Bubblegum, Marceline's song "I'm Just Your Problem" is another example of her caring heavily what people think- even if that someone is a person she doesn't really need to deal with, but seems to want to.

In general, Marceline is a rather independent and adventurous "young" woman with a lot of emotions in her, held in from a need to seem amazing and possibly centuries of having nothing but kind of douchey friends who might see it as weakness. (Such is what happens when you just make friends with dead people.) She is an extremely creative individual who adores singing and playing her bass guitar, and finds it easier to express herself through music than simply being upright with folks, so much so that sometimes she finds herself admitting things she didn't mean to admit.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
Levitation - Marceline is capable of floating, and it seems to be her preferred method of moving. She even tends to sleep in such a way.
Shapeshifting - She is capable of shifting into monstrous forms, usually that of a giant bat, or a large tentacled monster.
Pyrokinesis - Marceline has the ability to start fire, at the very least to light up a multitude of various candles.
Necromancy - Capable of raising skeletons to be her undead army.. or just help her start a rocking party.
Invisibility - Yep
Selfhealing - So much so that she's capable of returning to tiny bat form after nearly being turned into nothing more than a pile of goo from contact with the sun
Hair control - She can seem to move her hair, and control the style/length of it.
Sunlight - Under direct sunlight, Marceline will start to take damage akin to burning and melting. If she can get under shade quicky enough, her healing factor will kick in and put her back to normal, if slightly weakened for a moment, health.
Ghosts - In a weird rock paper scissors sort of thing, Marceline can't really win against ghosts. She can kick them in the face from time to time, but do no significant damage.
Temper - While not a supernatural weakness, it is something of a personal flaw, including that time she nearly slugged an interviewer in the face in the comics.
Red hunger - If extremely hungry, after a red binging spree, or just introduced to something so mindblowingly red (like a pair of gigantic red lips), Marcline might just tackle someone to drain them of it. This once caused her to lose a record deal, whoops.

( Other Important Facts ) :
Marceline has no reflection and eats the red from an object to sustain herself.

( Sample ) :
It's like I'm not even a person, am I?

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) :


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